Dealing With Math Homework: Advice For Middle School Students

4th to 7th graders are commonly referred to as Middle Class students. These students begin to grow a mind of their own but require direction and subtle assistance whenever they encounter problems. After all, they are still kids and are naturally impatient.

The ‘Homework’ problem

The biggest problem they face comes in the wake of Math homework. Although Math does not get into the zone of integral calculus, loci and differential theorems, it is still defiantly complicated for the nascent minds. Also, when they find the initial questions of a chapter cumbersome, they do not feel like even entering into the more seasoned posers.

This is what they should do while dealing with Math homework –

  • They should get hold of worksheets (with answers at the back) and go through a number of solved sums in a chapter. Thereby, they get the concept of the chapter and understand the modus-operandi in a refined manner.

  • Assign spare time from their studies for consultation with elders. They need to segregate the portions they find complicated. These portions can be understood in a more emphatic manner when requesting assistance from elders.

  • Students should go sequentially; in tune with the progression of the syllabus. It is obvious that the homework will relate to what is being taught and this makes the ‘to be referred’ segments a lot narrow. Get a grip on the portions so that you find the assignments convenient enough.

  • In case certain sums are out of syllabus but belong to the chapter, you should first rack your brains and see if you can devise solutions by placing relevant formulae. You will get more discerning and extractive about the chapters in circulation. Yet, if you find the sums too overpowering, you may ask your elders to help you.

  • Ask your tutor to engraft the concept of math in you. He should not merely help you with the homework; he should pave the way so that future assignments don’t bother you. Don’t depend too much on the tutor; give the sums an earnest attempt and the chapter a clear mind while studying.

  • Go through Math as if you are a remedial student. Check the manners in which you have met with previous homework and keep getting better at the chapters you have done. This will strengthen your backbone and also reassure you for future commitments. Treat Math as a friend; not a stalker and you will fare well.

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