Guidelines To Help You Find Free Homework Help

The Internet is a great resource for finding free homework help for almost any subject, from basic middle school classwork to highly specific college courses. Even gifted students can occasionally need some assistance figuring out a homework assignment, and fortunately, there are many people online who are ready and willing to help.

  • Look for resources tailored to a particular academic subject. A math website won’t be much help if you need assistance with a project on the Thirty Years’ War. Try to find people and online resources specializing in a particular subject.
  • Try posting on relevant forums for science assignments. If you need an answer to a complex scientific question, you might try looking for an answer on a forum about science. These forums are usually strictly moderated, and you’ll get replies from actual professional scientists.
  • Try looking for a “homework help” forum. There are numerous online forums and message boards where you can ask for assistance with questions of problems you’re having trouble understanding.
  • Ask questions on a forum for historians and history students. If you’re having trouble understanding a particular historical event, time period, or cultural trend, try asking an actual professional historian on a relevant forum or message board. These resources are often strictly moderated to ensure that you get accurate information
  • For math, try a math forum. Here, you can find math whizzes to give you a hand with difficult math problems, from middle school pre-algebra to differential equations.
  • Ask on a website for asking questions.
  • Use a search engine to search for the subject you need information about.
  • Ask your teacher or professor after class. If they have the time, your instructor might be able to give you a hand with a particularly perplexing problem.
  • Take advantage of free tutoring resources at your university. If you’re a college student, your school might offer free homework help from other students. Ask for more information at your library or media center, or check your school’s website.
  • Ask a friend or a peer. Try to get assistance or advice from someone who’s taken the course before, or who’s currently taking it with you.
  • Try to set up a regular study group. See if anyone else in your class is interested in studying together.

These are just a few guidelines to help you find free homework help. Both online and in real life, there are plenty of resources out there to get some assistance and make sure you understand the material.

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