What To Do If Your 11 Year Old Refuses To Do Homework

During primary school, homework is usually rather limited. However, around grade five or six, that starts to change. Your eleven year old probably has some degree of schoolwork to do at home, of a nature and quantity that’s appropriate for their developmental and educational level. Homework isn’t exactly fun, and an eleven year old may not be used to being required to do schoolwork outside of school hours. It’s not uncommon for preteens to balk at the thought of actually doing their work instead of playing video games or going outside with their friends. However, homework is absolutely necessary for them to understand the material that they’re being taught. At-home assignments ensure that your child actually understands the material, which determines how they do on tests. It can be difficult to encourage and motivate your child to sit down and do their work when they absolutely don’t want to. However, it’s far from impossible to incentivize your child to take care of their assignments, without resorting to raising your voice or having to ground them. Setting rules and creating structure creates an environment in which your eleven year old will complete their work.

  • Set up a designated space for homework. If your eleven year old hates homework, you may not be able to trust them to do it in their bedrooms. A child’s room can be full of potential distractions, like toys, television, and video games, that can make it difficult for your child to focus and get things done. A location like the dining room or home office, where you can keep an eye on them, might be a better choice.

  • Mandate that they do their work before they can do the things they want. Make it clear that assignments come first after they get home from school, or from extracurriculars like sports and music practice that happen right after school lets out. As soon as their work is done, they can do whatever they want, but not until they’ve finished all of their assignments for the day.

  • Check over your child’s work to make sure it’s complete. Make sure your child has done all of their work completely, so that they won’t lose any points off of their grade. This also gives you an opportunity to help your child with concepts or problems that they’re having a hard time with. Most of the information that eleven year olds learn in school is easily approachable for adults, and at this stage in their education, you can help them with most or all of their school subjects.

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