Question Of The Day: Should Schools Assign Homework?

The homework question is one that has baffled a lot of people over the years. Parents in particular have had their ups and downs with learning institutions when it comes to giving students assignments to take home. Students on their part will naturally hate the slightest idea of an assignment, and given the chance, they would prefer to learn without having to take home any kind of work. Sadly this is not how life happens, and whatever you do, there is no way you can ever get out of this. As a student you have to accept the reality of the fact that as long as you are in school, you will constantly have to deal with assignments. This therefore brings us to the main question, should schools really assign homework?

  • Schools should assign homework
  • The definite answer to this question is yes, schools are supposed to assign homework to students. There are lots of good reasons for this too. To start off, assignments are supposed to help you build on some of the things that you worked on during the school day. This means that when you get back home, you will not need to struggle remembering what you were studying because you still have them fresh in your mind.

  • Keeping you active
  • Assignments are supposed to help you stay active even when you are still at home. They are supposed to spur you to inculcate a sense or a culture of studying. Studying is not just something that you should do in school and forget about, it is something that you are supposed to carry with you even when you are out of the learning environment.

    With an assignment, you have a better chance of being able to keep the things that you learned about fresh in your mind. You are also able to make sure that you keep revising your work whenever you get back home.

  • Preparing you for exams
  • Assignments are not just some work that you do at home, they are also a very good way to get ready for exams. When you come to think about it, the setting style of the questions that are given in your homework is the same style that the teachers will normally use when setting questions for your exams.

    Therefore if you have some experience in handling your assignments, you will certainly have an easier time in an exam situation.

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