How Does Homework Help Students: Dispelling Popular Myths

Nowadays, homework is a controversial issue, especially as children's lives are getting busier and busier. Nevertheless, having to do a certain amount of schoolwork at home does actually benefit children. This article sets about dispelling some of the popular myths about the supposed harm caused to children by doing homework.

It doesn't serve any purpose

The belief that homework serves no purpose is just not based on fact. If the correct type of after-school work is assigned to children, it serves the very important purpose of cementing in their minds the work that they learn in the classroom. Revising work is known to be the best way to learn it. So, if children revise work done in class by doing assignments after school, they actually learn that work properly. However, this does mean that teachers need to give children after-school assignments that cover the work they do at school, and not send them home with unrelated assignments.

It doesn't teach them anything

Another popular myth about homework is that it doesn't teach children anything. As discussed above, children can cement the learning of their schoolwork by doing extra work at home. In addition to cementing what they learn at school, after-school assignments teach children self-discipline. By making themselves do something they'd rather not be doing, children can learn how to control their impulses, which improves their self-discipline. After-school assignments also teach children vital time management skills, as they need to properly divide their time amongst all their activities, including their leisure activities.

It overwhelms them

The popular belief that homework overwhelms children can be a bit trickier, because when there’s too much homework it does overwhelm them. But this does not have to be the case. If teachers assign reasonable amounts of after-school work to children, they can get the benefit of it without being overwhelmed by it. The trick is simply in the amount of after-school work assigned by teachers. If children get appropriate amounts of extra assignments, but are still overwhelmed, parents should consider how many extra curricular activities their children take part in, as well as how much rest they get.

It doesn't improve their grades

The myth that homework does not improve children's grades is simply false. Numerous studies have shown that when teachers assign the correct type of work in appropriate amounts, children's grades do actually improve. Obviously, this is vitally important for children’s futures.

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