What Are The Main Benefits Of No Homework On Weekends?

Many students will say that it would be better if homework was nixed altogether but no homework on the weekends is good enough. Many schools have decided not to give students homework over the weekends. It was decided because there are some major benefits supporting the decision to ban homework giving on the weekend.

  1. It is pointless
  2. Most children are not going to go home on a Friday afternoon and complete their assignments. They will usually wait until Sunday night to complete the assignments for the next week when they are given homework on the weekend. Therefore, the homework has really lost its value. The point of giving student’s assignments is so that they can practice the concepts that they are learning in class. If they wait a few days, they may not even remember what they were taught and will not complete the practice successfully, making it pointless.

  3. It gives them time to relax
  4. Work overload is not something that is healthy for anyone. When students have to work seven days a week, they can get burned out easily. They need a break to relax and recharge. It will help them stay refreshed. When the student is burned out or tired from completing a mass amount of homework, they will not be able to learn new information. When you work too much, it can cause a bunch of issues. This is the same for your kids.

  5. It allows the teachers a few days to catch up
  6. Teachers need a break too. By giving homework free weekends, the teachers are able to catch up on their work so that they are not behind. There isn’t always enough time in a day to teach class and then grade thirty homework papers, so having a free weekend gives them a chance to catch up.

  7. It gets them ready for a regular work week
  8. You take the weekends off, so why wouldn’t your kids take the weekend off. You will be teaching them about working hard during the week so that they can enjoy the weekends because this is likely what the rest of their lives will be like.

No homework on the weekends is a very effective tool that can lead to progress for the students. If you have homework every day, you are likely to burn out quickly.

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